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---If ever a book was written that screams "Movie Of The Week," this book THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME would get my vote. The story line was so great that I could not put this book down. I will be adding this book to my "KEEPERS LIST." I would highly recommend this book to all suspense lovers. You are kept guessing as to what was the motive for the first murder and what secret led up to all the other murders. Why were only pregnant women being taken? A very good romance in itself as the widow falls in love with the man accused of killing her husband. Or was he her husband? - Darlene Howard, Escape to Romance.  

---THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME tells a story of a woman trying to find her husband’s killer a year after the fact. Though the murder remains unsolved, she still has faith the person will be uncovered. Except she never suspects that she will fall in love with him. Author Lori Bingley injects utmost suspense into her story, and has created fully dimensional characters. Jesse the lawyer fights to maintain her professional ethics and keep an emotion distance from Kyle, her client. But her convictions are lost as the two grow closer and work to prove his innocence. Together they must elude the danger that threatens their lives and hides the astounding secret Jesse’s husband kept hidden for so long. Lori Bingley’s new romantic suspense will keep your attention from the first chapter till the end. You will enjoy THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME. - Melinda, Love Romances

---"Suspenseful, a real nail biter!!!" Her world, as she knows it, is shattered when Jesse arrives home to find her husband, Dave, stabbed. As his lies in her arms, his life slipping away he begs for forgiveness and tells her he loves her at the end. But the nightmare has only just begun for Jesse. She changes her last name, moves to a different state and finds a place for herself in another law firm. Even after a year of Jesse hounding them constantly, the police still haven’t caught the killer and they have only one suspect. Kyle Whitman, prominent orthopedic surgeon, had much to gain from Dave’s death. He claims he’s innocent and wanting the best legal representation possible he seeks out Jesse. Can she defend the man who is suspected of killing her husband? Or more to the point, can she resist the pull of attraction that’s growing between them? But as things heat up between them, death and danger becomes a reality and Jesse discovers no one is who she thought them to be. Her husband, her colleagues, not even Kyle. From the very first page of this riveting story, the reader is compelled to forget about the outside world as they read on and on trying to unravel the complex and suspenseful mystery. Ms. Bingley shows considerable talent in this, her debut novel with vibrant, interesting characters and an entertaining plot that will keep the reader guessing and biting their nails till the very surprising end - Lueanne Adams, The Best Reviews

---THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME is a suspenseful tale of murder and romance with intriguing characters. Kyle is successful, handsome, and a little miffed that Jesse rebuffs him. Jesse loved her husband and hasn't dated in a year, but she finds herself attracted to Kyle. Jesse agrees to take his case, under false pretenses, hoping to discover if he killed her husband and the reasons why. Kyle has no idea she is Dave's widow since he never met her, and really only knew Dave as a soon to be partner. Let's not forget the killer. He is still out there, watching and waiting. He wants Jesse and is determined to get her. This story moves quickly, and I found myself turning the pages quickly to find out the who's and why's. Author Lori Bingley writes an intriguing, suspense-filled romance with THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME. The in-depth characterizations and interesting storyline makes this book hard to put down. Order your copy of THE NIGHT SHE CAME HOME today. It's perfect for those romance readers who like a little suspense interwoven into their romance. - Robin, The Word on Romance

Sneak a Peek Inside...  

Newark, New York
The door was locked.  
               She wiggled the doorknob but it wouldn’t budge.  Sighing, she reached into her purse to search for her keys.  The night air chilled her, and she shivered under the porch light as she peered through the window in the hopes of seeing some sign of life.    
               It had been a long and treacherous day.  She had dealt with many issues that seemed to get more complicated as time wore on - and yet nothing had been solved by the end of the day.  She just wanted to go inside, bury herself under the blankets, and go to sleep.  Or maybe have a hot bath.  Either way, she needed to get in.
               But the door was locked.
               Where was Dave?  Had he gone out and forgotten she was coming home?  He’d told her at breakfast that he had a dinner meeting and would be home by seven, but it was already after eight.  Was he still upset about their fight that morning?
               A stab of jealousy shot through her at the possibility of where he could be, but she shoved it aside, cursing as she jabbed her finger on her nail clippers.  Where the hell were her keys?  She was positive she’d put them in her purse when she left that morning, but they seemed to have disappeared.
               She paused for an instant and rang the doorbell.  She waited for a few more minutes, and then rang it again.  Nothing.  She tried knocking, but after hurting her hand from pounding so hard, she finally gave up.  It was useless.  She would have to go back to the office to see if she’d left her keys there.
               As she turned away from the house, she thought she saw a shadow in the bushes.   Unease crept up her spine as she walked briskly toward her car - visions of horror movies flashing through her head.  She could picture the heroine running to her car and the killer jumping out from the darkness and slitting her throat. 
               She reached her car and climbed in, for the first time thankful she hadn’t locked the doors.  She used the power locks to secure herself inside, keeping her eyes on the spot where she thought she had seen someone.  But there was nothing there.  She turned around to check the backseat, and felt silly when all she saw were a few files from the office. 
               Backing out of the driveway, she searched the house for a sign of anyone once again, but it was in total darkness.  She’d left her cell phone at the office, and would call Dave from there to see if he was asleep, and to wake him and tell him to let her in if she still couldn’t find her keys.
               During the drive back to the office, she thought about the fight they’d had that morning.  They had been discussing the idea of having children.  It was the first time the subject had come up since the day they got married.  And they were not seeing eye to eye at all.
               They had married young, while they were still in college, and had both agreed they would wait to have children until they were settled and secure.  And they were almost there.  Dave was a wonderful doctor in the process of having his own practice, and she was an attorney at a local law firm, working her way toward partner.  They were close to having everything they ever wanted - when Dave brought up the prospect of having children.
               It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have children.  It was that she just wasn’t ready.  She didn’t feel she could afford to become pregnant at this point in her life and still make it to the top.  But Dave felt different.  He didn’t think she should have to work at all because he could afford to support the two of them.  That just wasn’t what she had in mind for a life together.  She needed to feel independent and have her own money.  She wanted to be able to buy something she needed and not have to beg for the money.  She’d had to do that when she was young and living with her parents, and swore she would never do it again.
               She and Dave lived in a large two storey colonial home in the outskirts of the city, and she wanted to eventually have horses and other animals in the yard, which would be when they were ready to have children.  But she wasn’t ready yet, and didn’t know what had made Dave willing to start so soon.  She truly thought he felt the same way she did, but after their argument that morning, she knew now that he had other ideas.
               “You’re only thinking of yourself!”  He had yelled at her, and she couldn’t believe he’d said that.  In the six years they’d been married, he had never spoken to her in such a manner.  They had always been content, and things between them had been.... comfortable.
               Was that the problem?  Was their relationship at a standstill and he wanted something more?  She’d always heard of men going through that at his age, and she never thought Dave would be the type to go through it, but he was obviously unhappy.
               Was she happy?  She had to think about it.  She was content with her life, but was she truly happy?  She never really thought about it before.  She had been too busy trying to get through school and working to stop and think about which direction her life was taking.  When she thought about it now, she had to admit to herself that she didn’t feel the same passion and vigor toward her work or her husband that she had years ago.  She and Dave never had a steamy passionate relationship.  They’d met through their parents when they were younger, and it was always assumed, and expected, that they would marry.  They loved each other, but was it enough to last a lifetime?  And through children?  It was a tough decision.  But she believed in the sanctity of marriage, and either way, she would fulfill her commitment to Dave.  If that meant having children before she was ready, then she would have to consider it.  They were a team, and had to both agree on it before making any permanent decisions.  She made a pact to herself to tell him that whenever she saw him again.
               The office was empty when she arrived, except for the cleaning staff.  They were busy working and barely took notice of her as she made her way up the stairs to her second level office.  She never took the elevator, because she was afraid that sitting behind an office desk would make her out of shape and so she vowed to always take the longest way around, and walk the stairs. 
               “Forget something, Mrs. Saunders?”  George, the janitor in charge of her floor came over and greeted her with a smile.  He was always nice to her, and she enjoyed his humor and charm.  He was in his fifties, with gray hair and blue eyes.  His skin was still smooth, and she believed that he never missed a day of shaving, as she had never seen him with stubble.  He was heavy set, but it never stopped him from doing the best job he could do.  He had three children, all boys and full-grown, and used to tease her that he would set her up with one of his sons if things didn’t work out with Dave.
               “I can’t seem to find my house keys.  I went home and Dave wasn’t there, and my keys weren’t in my purse.”
               George scratched his head.  “Aren’t your house keys on the same ring as your car?”
               She shook her head.  “I put them on separate rings just the other day.  I’m not sure why now.  I’ll probably have to have the locks changed tomorrow if I can’t find them.”
               George offered to help her, and together they searched her office from top to bottom.  No keys. 
               “I must have left them at home this morning,”  She said angrily.  “I’ll call home to see if Dave is there yet.”
               She picked up the phone and dialed, and while she waited she watched George continue with the cleaning of her office.  He emptied the garbage and dusted her desk, careful not to move any papers around.  The office was always sparkling when she returned in the mornings, and nothing touched.  He was always careful to respect her things.
               After ten rings, she gave up and hung the phone on its hook.  She tried his pager, but he didn’t have it turned on.  Frustrated, she shrugged and decided to go home and break a window if she had to.  She was going to get in no matter what, because she wanted to go to bed.
               “Goodnight, George.”  She called, and waved to him as she left the office.  Looking at her watch, she saw that it was half past nine, and couldn’t believe she was still running around looking for her keys.
               The drive home was filled with yawning and contemplating what she would do the next day about a case that she’d been working on.  It involved a young man accused of attempted murder against one of his friends.  Apparently it was over an old girlfriend.  Her job was to determine if it truly was premeditated, or perhaps he’d been set up.  She couldn’t think about it anymore, however, as her head was spinning and her body was begging for a long hot bath.
               When she pulled up in front of the house this time, there were lights on upstairs.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she parked her car beside Dave’s once again, thankful that he was finally home, and walked up to the door. 
               Trying the knob, she found it unlocked and walked in, calling out to him.  No answer came back.  Puzzled, she peered around the corner to her left, where the living room was.  It was empty.  There were two glasses sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch, both empty.  At one time they had been filled with what looked and smelled like whiskey.
               The living room was large and had high ceilings and hardwood floors.  She had a woven rug in front of the navy blue couch, and end tables at either side.  There was an older-styled settee in front of the fireplace, and another chair in the farthest corner.  The fireplace had a marble mantle, and on top were photos of her time with Dave.  They had traveled quite frequently when they were younger, and had many happy memories.  She smiled as she looked at the picture of their first fishing experience.  She’d caught a larger fish than he had, and was holding it up between them.  They looked so happy together.
               She walked out of the living room, and into the dining room.  The table was a dark mahogany and the chairs matched.  A white lace tablecloth covered the table, and a bright chandelier hung overhead.  They rarely used the dining room, as their schedules were usually different and when they did have a chance to eat together, it was rushed.  She wished they’d spent more time sitting and talking, instead of always discussing cases - whether it be a patient of his or a client of hers.
               The kitchen was quiet, and the only light was the one over the stove.  There were signs of Dave’s effort at making himself something to eat still on the counter, and his plate and glass were in the sink.  A sharp knife sat beside the sink, and Jesse smiled, thinking about all the fiascos with Dave and food.  It was the one thing they agreed on - his lack of expertise in the kitchen.  She loved to cook, but was never home to do enough of it to keep Dave from trying his own concoctions. 
               She went back into the foyer and started up the stairway that led to the bedrooms on the second floor.  She called out to Dave, but there was still no answer.  The light in their bedroom was on, and she wondered if perhaps he was in the shower.  The bathroom was attached to the bedroom, and had a bathtub as well as a stand-up shower stall.  Their tub had whirlpool jets, and she couldn’t wait to soak her tired and weary bones.
               “Dave?”  She called again, but there was still no answer.  She couldn’t hear the shower running, and began to worry that something was wrong.  She went through the events of the evening in her head, thinking about the signs of trouble she hadn’t thought about.  The neighborhood they lived in had always been safe, and they prided themselves on having a great security system.  She never once considered the fact that the system hadn’t been on when she got home, or that she could possibly be in danger.
               She couldn’t think about anything at the moment except finding Dave.  She had to know he was okay before she could even think of leaving the house.
               A sound from the far side of the bed attracted her attention, and she ran to where it came from.  She covered her mouth with her hand as she spied Dave lying in a pool of blood, and as she knelt down beside him, was unable to find the wound.
               “Dave!  What the hell happened?  Where are you hurt?”  She was throwing questions at him, and he was incoherent, trying to tell her something, but she was too busy looking for the wound.
               “Jesse.”  He whispered.  “Please....”  He began to cough, and Jesse’s eyes welled up with tears at the sight of blood coming from his mouth.  She knew that wherever the wound was, it was fatal. 
               “Who did this, Dave?  What can I do?”  She was speaking in sobs now, and couldn’t fight back the tears that streamed down her cheeks.
               Dave placed a bloody hand upon her cheek and told her not to worry about him.  He was going to die, and he knew that. 
               “I’m so glad that I was able to see your beautiful face one more time, Jesse.  I’m so sorry for everything.  Please forgive me.”
               Jesse kissed his hand, heedless of the blood.  “You have done nothing for me to forgive.  I should have given you the children you wanted, Dave.  I’m so very sorry about that, and our fight this morning.  Please, tell me who did this.  Why did they do this?”  She reached for the phone on the night stand to call the ambulance, but he grabbed her hand.
               “It’s too late for me, Jesse.  Get out of here now.  Run as far away as you can, and then send the police.   He’s still here, Jesse.  And he’ll come for you.  I’m so sorry, Jesse.  I never meant for you to be involved.”  His eyes rolled back into his head, and he coughed once more.
               Jesse grabbed his head, forcing his eyes open one last time.  “Involved in what?  Dave, please.  Tell me what’s going on!”
               “I love you.”  He mouthed before his eyes closed for the last time.
               Jesse laid her head upon his chest, begging him to come back to her.  She forgot about what he’d said, and reached for the phone once more to call for help, but the line was dead.
               A hand came from behind and touched her shoulder.  She turned around....
               And screamed.

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