Birth and Death of an Angel

A bright light-
One shivers as the other smiles in relief.
One reaches out as the pain melts away.
The other stretches as her confinement ends.

They've traveled different paths -
Their journeys complete.
One life beginning as another ends.
Both are loved by many.

Three weeks of pure hell is over,
Nine months of waiting has ended.
Tears of joy and sadness,
As families come to celebrate and to mourn.

The scent of flowers fills the air -
Pink carnations and balloons bright and gay.
Red and yellow roses draped in sorrow,
Tears staining the pillows and the sheets.

A face appears before each of them.
One a stranger - the other a loved one.
The light goes out for one,
As they are both embraced.

This poem was written after the birth of my daughter. My Aunt Dianne lost her battle with Cancer three weeks after my daughter was born, and I truly believe that as one life ends, another begins - and they are a part of each other because of this.


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