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The Reviews are In...  
Lethal Memoirs is a mystery that had this reader searching for a killer but every time I thought I had the culprit another twist was thrown into the pot. She weaves a plot that keeps on ticking until the end. April and Caleb are great characters and I like the way they blend in together. The well-rounded secondary characters interact and make the story one incredible read. This engaging story is like a roller coaster ride that doesn't stop, it is so riveting. I like Ms. Bingley's introduction into the story. It pulled me in and I didn't want to stop in this magnificent tale that is brilliantly crafted.
Sneak a Peek Inside...  

Things were progressing exactly as planned. He couldn’t help smiling as he imagined April’s face when she realized what he had done. He wished he could have been there to witness it for himself, but he had to keep his distance. At least for now.

They would all know soon enough what it was like to lose everything. They would feel the pain of deception and the cruelty of fate. How it was out of a person’s control what could happen to them and their family.

She’d read some of the book. He saw her in the police station, poring over the pages with wide eyes. He saw the tears that she fought so hard to control. She was careful to close the manuscript whenever someone walked by.

She was a child when her father was murdered. She wouldn’t know the details as vividly as he did. He believed she kept those memories in the back of her mind and tried not to think about them. But he had to make them all pay for what happened.

He wanted her to worry first about how many people had seen the manuscript and how many more would see it in the near future. Would anyone believe it was possible? He doubted it, with so many fictional stories in the world. In time he would make it so someone would have to look into it.

Not yet. Now he simply enjoyed watching her squirm. Aaron would spend a long time in prison if he had his way. So long that Aaron would never be able to save his sister. He would not ruin things.

Sitting in the seat of his car, he strummed his fingers on the steering wheel, thinking as he thought about his next step. As he turned to watch Caleb McKinley approaching the station, he couldn’t help worrying. Would Caleb probe too deeply into the case too deeply? Or would he accept the proof at face value?

According to the information he’d gathered on Caleb, it was the latter of the two. Caleb was no fool. He wouldn’t go into court with anything but irrefutable evidence. It was now his job to make sure Caleb had that evidence.

With that in mind, he leaned back against the headrest and closed his eyes. He envisioned April with handcuffs on her delicate little wrists. He heard her cries as she begged the guards to let her go. She would never last in lock up. The guards would be all over her; with her beautiful face and body.

Shivering with anticipation, he started the engine and slowly pulled out of the parking space. He kept his head low and avoided making eye contact with anyone. No one could recognize him, or be able to point their finger his way whenever the truth came out.

He would keep his hands clean as he watched April’s fill with the blood of the past.

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