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The Reviews are In...  
Lori Derby Bingley cleverly weaves the killer’s story with Detective Ron Hewlett’s until the amazing conclusion. Fraternity is an intense, evocative, mesmerizing saga of anguish, tragedy, and treachery. Lori Derby Bingley adeptly renders the story of Samantha and Ron’s attraction and love throughout Fraternity. I could not put the book down.

The characters throughout Fraternity were believable and fully developed, no matter how small their part was. In one scene, I was yelling at the character to not go there, to go back, that she did not know what she was doing! I love when a book captivates me so much that I am talking to and relating to its characters. I eagerly await Lori Derby Bingley’s next book.
- Dena, Fallen Angel Reviews
--Lori Derby Bingley has penned a fantastic mystery in Fraternity with secrets that blackmail their protectors and also the knowledge to kill. I cannot say which part of this book I loved most but one of the highlights would have been the fraternity initiation of Ron, that part was highly comical. Although there were some funny passages in Fraternity, it also dealt with a dark hidden side. The intense nature of the killer's revenge for those wronged and also her loss of reality also made Fraternity an intriguing, on the edge of your seat, chilling thriller. Fraternity is a book that needs to be read to experience the mysterious, disturbing emotions of every character in it, even the victims. I could not stop reading it and I am sure you cannot either.
- Sherry, Ecataromance
--Ms. Bingley did a good job with this story. She pulls you right into the suspense from the opening chapter with a protagonist so creepy that you'll want to double check the door locks. And, Ms. Bingley doesn't drop the tension.
FRATERNITY is a quick and interesting read. The romance between Samantha and Ron sort of took back seat to the action, which was fine because I got caught up in the murders. There goes my sinister side showing again.
-Cynthia Whitten, Romance Reader at Heart.
--Fraternity is a roller coater ride of action and guessing games. From the very start, I was sucked in trying to understand how the mental patient and the fraternity house explosion were related. To complicate matters, the author added a few characters whose only purpose seemed to be added to the list of murdered. Trying to figure out how each of these individuals fit into the mix kept me reading. I have to say I was satisfied with the end result, everything was tied together nicely.
-- Tami Brady, TCM Reviews
Sneak a Peek Inside...  

The house was bathed in shadows. A dark cloud covered the once brightly shining moon, and the stars were hidden behind a blanket of dense fog. A dog howled in the distance, and the sound of laughter could be heard from somewhere.

               A mask concealing her face, the figure of a woman appeared carrying a flashlight in one hand, a bag slung over the opposite shoulder. She knew she had only a matter of minutes to accomplish her task and needed to move quickly. It was the most perfect of plans, and there could be no mistakes.

               She must not get caught.

               She made her way into the house, tiptoeing softly from the foyer into the dining room. She knew the residents usually met in the game room every Saturday night to drink and party until the wee hours of the morning. She paused as she listened for their laughter, no doubt patting each other on the back for a job well done. Another girl conquered, another notch in their belts. She wouldn’t doubt that they could show her thousands of belts--each covered with the blood and spirits of those they’d left behind.

               Filled with the need for revenge, she reached into her backpack and removed the homemade bomb she’d created in an abandoned warehouse, thanks to the many hours of reading and the Internet access she had been allowed in the hospital. The information she’d found had come in handy for her task.

               The clock struck eleven as she turned to leave, and she thought she heard them coming.  It was a shame they all had to perish for one man’s sin, but it was necessary. And she would succeed.

               Slipping out quietly, she placed a hand over her mouth to stifle another giggle and breathed a sigh of relief. She wished she could wait to see them discover what she had done--what they all had done--but it was too dangerous.

               The night called to her, a comforting friend offering a hand to help her on her way. But just when she thought she had gotten away with murder, she found herself standing in front of one of those faces from the past.

               “My God… what… where did you come from?” the other person asked.

               She was momentarily startled by this unexpected meeting. She had hoped to take care of it at a later time, but it looked as though she would have to deal with it now.  It was obvious to her what had been going on between the two of them, and it infuriated her beyond all else.

               “I’ll tell you what’s going on,” she spat. “You’re about to die.”

               She grabbed the intruder’s arm and pulled her out the door before she could protest. Moments later, the sudden blast filled the air with a great wind, sending them both flying backwards into the dust. The force of the impact took her breath away, and she covered her face to protect it even as she saw her companion bombarded with the falling debris. The sound was deafening--similar to a jet plane as it prepared for lift off. The reverberation of falling pieces from the once-grand fraternity house were as light as a rainfall, yet as intimidating as a roaring thunderstorm.

               And so it begins.

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