October 2007

As senior editor of a major publishing house, April Matthews has often read books about murder and mayhem.  However, when her brother is accused of murder, her mother goes missing, and an anonymous manuscript describes in detail an event she spent years trying to hide, she is stunned to realize that the man who killed her father is now after her and her family. 

Caleb McKinley is the arrogant and ambitious assistant DA, and is determined to prosecute April’s brother for murder.  When he finds the manuscript describing what happened all those years ago, he is forced to take matters into his own hands where April is concerned.  Problem is, once she’s in his arms, he finds it hard to believe she could be capable of anything but love.  Could he be wrong?


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October 2006

Tahlia Edwards is a top advertising executive known for her tough exterior and no nonsense attitude.  No one knows the secret she hides; how her father was accused of killing her fiancé, before losing his own life to an unidentified attacker.

Jake Randall has been hired to find the truth behind Tahlia’s father’s death.  Not only does he keep his employer’s identity to himself, he forces Tahlia to return to her home town and face the past she tried so hard to leave behind.  As they uncover a private confession made by her father, voicing unimaginable truths, she fights not only a killer who has targeted her life, but the love Jake offers her that promises to finally set her free. 

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February 2006

Ron Hewlett has been a cop for many years and still believes in the basic good of mankind.  When a series of murders occur at the local Fraternity house and everyone seems guilty yet no one is talking, Ron’s opinion begins to change.

Samantha MacKenzie is a professor at NYU, determined to make her way in a man’s world yet hiding a secret that could destroy her.  When she and Ron meet, sparks fly and an attraction builds, but what she holds back could mean more than just a ruined relationship.  It could mean both their lives.

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April 2005

Brooke Rawlings' life is turned upside down after the death of her sister. Now the guardian of her teenage nephew, she is devastated when Jeremy begins to withdraw from everyone. Matthew Grant, Jeremy's teacher, believing the boy's behavior is related to drug use, comes to Brooke with his fears. Together they investigate her sister's death, knowing it ties in with the disappearance of a student and ultimately, Jeremy's behavior. Brooke soon comes to realize there was more to her sister than met the eye. Can she unravel the web of secrets and lies and find happiness with the man at the top of her suspect list?

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August 2004

The legend of Lorelei states that she stood on the cliffs of the Rhine River, betrayed by the man she loved, and found revenge by taking the lives of those who looked upon her. She stood tall and beautiful, singing out to the sailors as they turned toward the treacherous rocks to their deaths. However, finding no peace in their demise, she placed her feet at the end of the cliff, diving head first into the water -- hoping to end her own life.

But there is no peace for her, as she does not die. Instead, she is pulled toward a warm light, with the promise of redemption in her hands. Her long blond locks turn raven black, as she emerges from the cold depths of the ocean -- only to find herself on beautiful Prince Edward Island in Canada. She is deafened by the cries for help, and the sounds of lost or betrayed love. She knows what she must do. She must make amends for those lives she has taken in vain, by teaching a young woman about life, death, and love.

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Attorney Jesse Brooks thought she had it all - until The Night She Came Home to find her husband fatally stabbed. He dies in her arms, leaving her a widow and a target. She leaves town, changes her name, and tries to move on - until Kyle Whitman walks into her life. Tall, dark, and handsome, he spells trouble when he tries to retain her as his attorney. He's been accused of murder - and it's the murder of Jesse's husband! Torn between doing what's right, and pressure from the police to keep an eye on Kyle, Jesse struggles with her attraction to this handsome stranger as she comes closer to the unspeakable truth of what her husband had truly been up to. As the body count rises, she begins to realize she had never known her husband, nor does she know the people she works with - and she may be wrong about Kyle as well.

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