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5 CUPS!!!
---Ms. Bingley penned a superb mystery that will take you on a ride you are not soon to forget. She creates a variety of characters to make the plot more interesting. She gives them all a little mystery, loaded with action, and pretty soon you are on a roller coaster ride that takes so many twists and turns it leaves you breathless. This who done it will keeping you wondering just that until the very end. Thanks, Ms. Bingley, for the wonderful ride.
Wateena, Coffee Time Romance
---Ms. Derby Bingley has the talent of keeping you guessing all the way to the end. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep even the most jaded of mystery fans hooked! Her plot is well thought-out and easy to follow. Her style of writing is descriptive enough to give you a perfect picture of every scene without bogging the reader down in detail. Her characters are well rounded and believable.

This is an exciting novel from a relatively new author. Ms. Derby Bingley has accomplished what many suspense authors spend their entire careers trying to capture: A powerful story with a believable story line and character action. The ending of this novel will genuinely surprise the reader!
Brandy, Fallen Angel Reviews.
---A Sister's Secret is one of the better mysteries I've read in a long time partly because Brooke is personally involved and has a "never quit" attitude no matter the danger level. There is a strong pull toward solving several mysteries, which are interlocked into one conclusion. Lots of twists to complicate things. Each chapter lures you deeper into the story, which has a very real feel to it. That alone can scare the hell out of you. Brief setting description provides you with a sense of place. Character attitude is far stronger. Dialogue flows well and I couldn't find any gaping holes in the plot that left me wondering what had happened. The writing featured what needed to be stated only. So many books offer you the same thought or information that it's engraved in your memory. I enjoyed reading this e-book as well as Lori's other novel, "One Eye in the Darkness".
Five out of five reporter's notebooks
Denise Fleischer,
May 30, 2005
4.5 STARS!!!
---- Will she uncover the truth that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to keep hidden or is she about to become just another victim of this murderer?

Searching for answers to questions that now need answers, Brooke Rawlings is about to open a nest of vipers when she inadvertently draws the attention of a person hiding the truth about the reason her sister Serena was killed. And it is not only Brooke that needs protection, her nephew Jeremy is also in the firing line. Together with Matthew Grant, Brooke needs to discover what is going on and who the killer is before she ends up like her sister.  Dead.

To say this book was suspenseful is an understatement. I totally enjoyed A SISTER'S SECRET from start to finish, with all the twists and turns it was a really well written story. I loved Matthew and his uncompromising demeanor, he was an Alpha male brought to life while Brooke was unable to let anything pass her by until she uncovered all it’s secrets. All of Lori Derby Bingley's characters including the secondary ones were great and really made the book come alive. If you love romantic suspense with plenty of twists then A SISTER'S SECRET by Lori Derby Bingley is a must read.

Sheryl, eCataRomance reviews 
A Sister’s Secret was a book that kept me spellbound. There were so many twists and turns with a diversity of characters that I found myself unraveling the clues one-minute, only to discover that my guess was wrong! This book is cleverly written and kept me on my toes until the last page. I like the way Ms. Bingley fleshed out the characters of Brooke and Matthew giving them much depth, keeping the story alive as they searched for answers. Their chemistry rocks with passion. The secondary characters were very believable and blended in well with the mystery.

Ms. Bingley is a fascinating storyteller that pulls you into the story and takes you on a fast ride filled with screams, chills, and adrenaline rushes that get better with every turn of the page. She has created an excellent thriller that will have you coming back for seconds. If you’re looking for a mystery that is cut and dry and instantly has all the answers, then this book is not for you. But if you’re searching for a book that thrills, leaves you breathless and suspended in mid-air until the very last page, then search no further. A Sister’s Secret is the book full of shockers with gripping suspense, and spine chilling, non-stop action until the very end. This spitfire of a book starts with the charge of a fuse and ends with a bang.
----A SISTER’S SECRET is a tight mystery with so many twists and turns as to make it impossible to predict the end, a quality rarely found in mysteries these days. It is a refreshing love story with sweltering love scenes that weave into the storyline rather than distract from it and nail-biting suspense that keeps the reader turning pages. Ms. Bingley is a master of ending chapters with a bang, keeping her readers up all night, unable to put the book down.

Ms. Bingley creates characters in Brooke, Jeremy, and Matthew, as well as others, who are engaging and clearly likeable or hated. Using this ability, she deftly throws the reader off the track of the real killer by skillfully pointing questioning fingers throughout the novel. A true romance to the end, she creates chemistry and tension between Brooke and Matthew that have the reader crossing her fingers in hopes that the two of them will end up together.

A SISTER’S SECRET is a great summer read, full of suspense and mystery, and chilling till the very end.
Reviewed by Jennifer Brown for The Road to Romance
---- Lori Derby Bingley keeps you guessing at every turn and has you wanting more at the end.  Keep your eyes and ears open, because very few are privileged with A SISTER'S SECRET.
A SISTER'S SECRET was a very good suspense book;  it kept me guessing all the way through to the end.  I never knew who the good guy or the villain was until the end.  I enjoyed the book very much I would recommend it to all of my friends.
Tammy Kelley, Romance Junkies.

---- A Sister's Secret appears to be continuing a tradition, in fact, of superb storytelling and astute, serpentine plotting. It will keep readers guessing -- about motive, opportunity and degrees of guilt -- from beginning to climatic ending, which is a pretty good indication the author has done her job, and done it remarkably well.
Reviewed by Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings

Sneak a Peek Inside...  

“You want to know what I’m hungry for? Do you really?” His voice was no longer soft and gentle. He looked at her like a caged animal that had been forced to stare at its prey for months and had just been set free.

She couldn’t respond. All she could think about was how stupid she’d been not to listen to her instincts about calling the police. Or to her sister, who told her to stop being afraid to ask for help. Now she was in need of help more than ever, and she was alone.

A car passed, and she was tempted to signal for help. He must have sensed this, as he grabbed the back of her hair and forced up her chin. She was certain he was going to snap her neck as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. Fear coursed through her as she heard his words, not wanting to believe him.

“I’m hungry for revenge, my love. And you’re going to be the one to fulfill my appetite.”

A cloud covered the moon, and she knew then she would never lay eyes upon it again. Never see the brightness as it cast a glow over the night. Never feel the romance inside when sitting with a loved one.

When she stared into the once-charming eyes of the man before her, the hatred was pure and adulterated. And aimed at her.

She would not be the heroine tonight. Instead, she would become his next victim.

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