Hey, everyone, and welcome to my world!  I'm happy you were brave enough to venture into this realm of murder and, yes, even romance.  What's a little killing without someone to share the excitement with at the end of the book?

I'm a stay at home mother of five children, and I also watch children in my home.  I have always wanted to be three things in my life:  A teacher, a writer, and a horsetrainer.  I have accomplished two of the three, and replaced training horses with raising other animals...my children!  I love them dearly, please don't get me wrong, and when they're grown and gone I think my books will get a little 'darker' in theme because I'll need something to take out my frustrations on. 

So kick back, relax, don't be afraid (but perhaps wear protective clothing just to be safe), and come learn more about me...good and bad!! 


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